Graduate Program

Students in the Committee on Development, Regeneration, and Stem Cell Biology share a common interest in understanding the remarkable processes that underlie development.

First year students are each assigned to an academic advisor who helps to guide them through the choices they will make as they take courses, learn about potential research labs through the lunchtime “Allstars” seminar series, and perform lab rotations. At the end of the first year students complete their preliminary exams and choose a lab to join. During the second year students define their thesis projects, put together a Thesis Advisory Committee, and defend their thesis proposals.

Throughout their time in the program our graduate students broaden their education by participation in our retreats, seminars, and journal clubs, as well as regional and national scientific meetings and workshops. We offer a high quality professional training experience with effective mentorship to ensure that our graduate students fulfill their potential and are well-prepared to make important contributions to developmental biology research and education.

Anne Lindgren and Monica Rohrschneider, Graduation Ceremony 2007. Photo: Vicky Prince

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