Committee on Development, Regeneration, and Stem Cell Biology
Chair Rebay, Ilaria, Professor
Faculty (34 members)


Cunningham, John - Professor
Biology and therapy of hemoglobinopathies.

Dawson, Glyn - Professor
Lipid signaling pathways and programmed cell death in brain and tumors; inherited lysosomal storage diseases.

de Jong, Jill - Assistant Professor
Hematopoietic stem cell transplant, cancer and blood diseases.

Du, Wei - Professor
Cell cycle, tumor suppressor genes, and development.

Ferguson, Edwin (Chip) - Professor
Embryonic patterning and stem cell maintenance in Drosophila.

Fehon, Richard - Professor
Regulation of epithelial polarity and proliferation during development.

Ferguson, Edwin - Professor
Developmental genetics of cell fate specification and stem cell maintenance in Drosophila.

Gilad, Yoav - Professor
Understanding gene regulatory processes and elucidating the genetic architecture of human-specific traits including disease.

Glotzer, Michael - Professor
The molecular mechanism of cytokinesis in animal cells.

Green, William - Professor
Cell Biology of neurotransmitter receptors.

Gross, Martin - Professor
Translational control of protein synthesis; cell-free protein synthesis and mechanism and regulation of polypeptide chain initiation.

Grove, Elizabeth - Professor
Cellular and molecular mechanisms that control patterning, cell fate choice, and differentiation in the mammalian forebrain.

Haselkorn, Robert - Professor
Cellular differentiation in nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria; acetyl CoA carboxylase in plants and humans.

Ho, Robert - Professor
Pattern formation and early development in the simple vertebrate zebrafish.

Horne-Badovinac, Sally - Assistant Professor
Epithelial morphogenesis and organ shape

Imamoto, Akira - Associate Professor
Mouse models of human syndromes affecting morphogenesis, patterning, and cell fate during craniofacial and cardiovascular development.

Kee, Barbara - Associate Professor
Transcriptional regulation of lymphocyte development.

Kovar, David - Associate Professor
Molecular mechanisms of actin assembly in fission yeast: molecular genetic to in vitro single filament studies.

Kratsios, Paschalis - Assistant Professor
A quest for key molecules that control animal locomotion.

Lahn, Bruce - Professor
Human evolutionary genetics, genomics, bioinformatics, neurogenetics, and stem cell biology.

Lynch, Vincent - Assistant Professor
Genetic basis of evolution of human morphological traits.

Macleod, Kay - Associate Professor
Regulation of cell cycle checkpoints and cell death in response to oxidative stress and DNA damage.

Malamy, Jocelyn - Associate Professor
Molecular regulation of root system growth and development in Arabidopsis and crop plants.

Moskowitz, Ivan - Associate Professor
Molecular genetics of cardiovascular development and congenital heart disease.

Munro, Ed - Assistant Professor
Cytoskeletal dynamics, cell polarization, dynamics of cellular morphogenesis in early embryos, computational cell and developmental biology.

Prince, Victoria - Professor
Molecular, cellular, and comparative study of embryonic patterning along the anterior-posterior axis using zebrafish and other teleosts.

Ragsdale, Clifton - Associate Professor
Molecular genetics of neuronal patterning in brain development.

Rebay, Ilaria - Professor
Transcriptional regulatory circuitries in development and disease; Receptor tyrosine kinase signal transduction.

Rosner, Marsha - Professor
Growth factor receptor signaling leading to cell growth, cell differentiation or cell death.

Ruddat, Manfred - Emeritus Professor
Parasite interactions; developmental aspects of gene expression.

Schmidt-Ott, Urs - Associate Professor
Developmental Genetics and Evolution of Insects.

Schwartz, Nancy - Professor
Transcriptional control of ECM expression during chondrogenesis and neurogenesis; regulation of sulfate activation; skeletal dysplasias.

Shubin, Neil - Professor
Paleontology and developmental studies in salamanders to identify mechanisms behind the evolutionary origin of new anatomical features and faunas.

Vander Griend, Donald - Assistant Professor
Prostate stem cells in development and disease.

White, Kevin - Professor
The White lab studies the coordinated action of networks of genes that control developmental processes.

Wu, Xiaoyang - Assistant Professor
Somatic stem cells in mammalian skin, and their involvement in tissue homeostasis and skin diseases.


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